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Diarmuid and Grainne's cave , Glenliff horseshoe.

The legendary Diarmuid and Grainne's cave in the Horseshoe Glen.
Another magical location inspiration for Garrett Crowley in the exciting adventures of Liam O'Leamy, is the cave in the Horseshoe Glen. The Gleniff horseshoe is a beautiful 10 kilometre loop along quiet roads. It boasts many spectacular views amidst the backdrop of the dramatic and wild Dartry Mountains. The walk also provides wonderful views of the Donegal Bay and the Ulster County beyond. 
   Travelling North from Sligo take the N15 towards Bundoran, take the first right turn 1.5km after the village of Cliffoney signposted Ballintrillick. Follow this road for 4.8 kilometres through four minor cross roads until you reach the Gleniff Horseshoe. Continue straight following sign for Gleniff Horseshoe Valley. The 19th century Bartyes Mill Site is located on the left as you walk into the horse shoe. A woodland walk has been developed at the Mill Site which takes you along under native Irish trees, babbling mountain streams and pretty waterfalls. It is a lovely spot to stop for a picnic.
   The tall cliffs on the left after the road begins to turn back to the north are the Cliffs of Annacoona. As you emerge through the trees the legendary Diarmuid and Grainne's cave becomes visible high up on the steep slopes, this is reputed to be the last hiding place of the ill fated lovers. 
   The story of Diarmuid and Grainne is replete with myth and legend. The story begins with the ageing Fionn, leader of the warrior band the Fianna, grieving over the death of his wife. He marries Gráinne, the daughter of High King Cormac mac Airt. At their wedding feast Grainne becomes enamoured with Fionn's handsome warrior Diarmuid. They elope and hide in a forest across the River Shannon. Fionn immediately pursues them. They evade him several times with the help of other Fianna members and Aengus Óg, Diarmuid's foster father, who conceals Gráinne in his cloak of invisibility while Diarmuid leaps over the pursuers' heads. It is said that the cave in the Horseshoe Glen was one of their hiding places when they were fleeing. The beauty and mystery surrounding this cave and its surroundings has inspired many the tale of adventure and magic. Dana and Liam too, find that the plot thickens and their adventures continue as they edge their way further and further into the darkened caverns of the cave in chapter eight.
'“This must be the place. Let's explore” They moved forward into the cave where giant carrot-shaped rocks grew up from the ground and down from the darkness above'.