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Slish Wood, Sligo

Sleuth Wood or Slishwood

Sligo's Slish Wood features in the poetry of William Butler Yeats, in his poem 'The Stolen Child'. However, he refers to it as 'Sleuth Wood'. It's easy to see in your mind's eye the silhouettes of our heroes, Liam and Dana, chasing through this leafy wood where danger wears many faces. Liam and Dana are super sleuths, so it is only fitting that the inspiration for a setting in this story is a place called Sleuth Wood!

It is known locally by the beautiful sounding name of Slishwood. Liam and Dana sneak through this forest on their quest to discover the Treasure Hunter. Slish wood is a truly spectacular woodland area where people go for long, leisurely walks with friends and family. It is located on the southern shore of a large expanse of water known as Lough Gill.

Come visit this stunning location between the lake and the beautiful Ox Mountains. Maybe you will uncover a stolen treasure under a leaf or a branch...a golden crown perchance! Bring a picnic!